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The Institute of Functional Genomics of Montpellier (IGF), is a CNRS-INSERM-University of Montpellier joint research centre that develops innovative strategies and methods to explore the mechanisms involved in cell communication. Its research programs range from structural analysis of molecules to integrative biology and translational research, in the fields of neuroscience, diabetology, endocrinology, cardiology and cancer biology. The main goal of the research activity developed at IGF is to contribute to the understanding of the biological mechanisms involve in cell communications and associated pathologies, in order to promote biomedical applications and the emergence of new therapies and diagnostic tools.

Founded in 2005 by Pr. Joël Bockaert, the IGF has been led by Dr. Jean-Philippe Pin from 2011 to 2020. Its current director is Dr. Philippe Marin. The IGF cis currently hosting two scientific departments and around 280 people - researchers, professors, engineers, technicians, postdocs and students who are working in its 21 research teams, technological platforms or support services.

Located within the campus 'Arnaud de Villeneuve' in close proximity of the university hospitals and the new faculty of medicine of Montpellier, the IGF offers a dynamic and stimulating scientific environment. The IGF is part of many national and international research networks (Europe, North-America, China...). and has developed fruitful interactions with several socio-economic partners and constantly encourages the promotion of discoveries and entrepreneurship. In addition, the close proximity of the university hospital and the enrolment of clinician teams constitute a great opportunity to develop translational and clinical research programs at the IGF.

Last but not least, IGF is strongly involved in research training (Ph.D., Master, Bachelor, technician students...) and the dissemination of scientific knowledge (Brain Awareness Week, ‘Fête de la Science’, public conferences, visit of charities...) at local and national levels.



Philippe Marin

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Deputy directors

Nathalie Guérineau

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Thierry Durroux

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General secretary

Anne Chabannes
IR2, Inserm

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